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Hidden Treasures

The project “Hidden Treasures” is a collection of woven and embroidered textile treasures. Continued on from the past project “Golden Seams”, this project carries out further exploration of the new technique chain lace by discovering ways that it can be combined with woven textiles. Inspired by quotes taken from the book “Emotionally Durable Design’ by Johnathan Chapman, this project aimed to develop pieces made with care and that would have a lasting connection with the owner.

The Intention

The principle of Emotional Durability describes that products be designed so that the consumer is compelled to hold on to them, prolonging the life of the product. Inspired by the doily, where in past generations they were handmade with love and passed down through generations. This collection of textiles aims to use this same principle to create detailed and high-end decorative pieces that are treasured for generations.


These pieces being experimental do not have a specific application in mind, other than being used for products that have the potential to have a strong emotional connection. This could be for fashion or accessory applications such as jackets and bags that are high quality and are often taken care of and last a long time.


The Process

To create these detailed pieces, a combination of weaving and chain lace techniques were used. Made with mostly cotton materials and water-soluble fabric, the swatches are all soft and natural with delicate and intricate details. 

The motifs and colours in this project were developed further from the previous project “Golden Seams”. The colour palette was refined into 5 main colours of rose, pink, golden yellow, teal and white, with a few neutral creams to even out the strong colours.


The theme was inspired by secret gardens, delicate florals and soft textures which informed the embroidery details and illustrations of this collection. A variety of check styles was used throughout the woven pieces, some more detailed checks and other simpler, to coordinate with the strong pieces of the collection. Illustrations were often done on the iPad to visualise how the chain lace would look in combination with weaving techniques.

Emotionally Durable Design

The Final Collection

Mini Collections

Like a treasure trove, pieces can be mixed and matched together, developing attachment through the love of the little gems.

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